Firm Overview

NSRGP is a skilled full service insurance firm specializing in litigation, trial practice, coverage and reinsurance. Practice areas include general liability, premises, habitational, environmental and auto, as well as property, medical malpractice, professional and products liability. Representative clients include both domestic and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies as well as brokers and intermediaries.

Timely and informative communication lies at the core of our service philosophy. Regular status reports set forth all case developments and provide strategy and tactics with cost-effective recommendations to our insurance clients. Through these reports and personal contact, the client participates with the firm in directing the case. The reports also provide the client with a clear understanding of the facts, legal issues and developments which have transpired and an exit strategy for possible early resolution.

Emphasis is placed on attorney-client rapport to provide personal attention to files and to insure the quality of the professional effort. The extensive use of computer technology and the use of legal assistants has enabled NSRGP to manage case inventory, as well as the time-consuming aspects of litigation, in a cost- effective manner.

As a consequence of its wide-ranging experience, NSRGP tailors attorney- client communications, case handling and billing formats to serve each client’s unique and special needs. We have found that the key to a successful relationship is the trust engendered between client and attorney. NSRGP has achieved such a trust in its client relationships and is ever mindful of the need to sustain that rapport through aggressive and effective, yet economical, representation of client interests. This personal and professional handling of accounts has allowed NSRGP to maintain long term relationships with its insurance clients.