Nicoletti Gonson Spinner

Property Insurance

NGS has vast experience defending property insurers. Our attorneys have a strong understanding of this specialized legal field. The firm’s experience includes defending against real property claims and losses by utilities, mining and construction companies, and refineries. Our attorneys also have the expertise to defend insurers against claims of product and inventory losses by manufacturers and marketers, while also defending against fire and theft losses. We also have the knowledge to defend against claims of insurance code violations, bad faith, and deceptive trade practices. In addition, the firm’s understanding of laws affecting property insurers gives us the ability to handle other common claims, such as questionable theft and burglary, suspicious fires or explosions, questionable damage to foundations or roofs, fraudulent auto theft claims, or staged auto accidents.

The successful defense of a property insurer requires the technical experience and knowledge of property insurance law that NGS provides. The firm’s experience ensures the selection of the appropriate experts and the accurate determination of the insurer’s exposure. With that information, our attorneys will then expertly engage in the appropriate course of either negotiation or litigation.

NGS also has extensive experience in pursuing subrogation claims on behalf of its property insurer clients.