Nicoletti Gonson Spinner

Premises Liability

A property owner needs a law firm with considerable experience and knowledge of premises liability law to successfully defend against a premises liability lawsuit. Property owners with interests as varied as amusement parks, stadiums, parks and playgrounds, parking lots and ramps, transportation facilities (such as bus terminals, airports, or subway stations), shopping malls and department stores, hotels and motels, bars and restaurants, grocery stores, apartment buildings, residential homes, public and private schools and hospitals all face the risk of liability because of injuries caused by conditions on the property.

NGS has extensive experience in defending employers, manufacturers, landlords, owners, and retailers in premises liability lawsuits. The firm has the understanding needed to defend clients in not only slip and fall cases but also dog bite, inadequate security, dram shop, false arrest and other premises liability cases.

The firm investigates all claims thoroughly to determine their viability and we advise the client as to the risk of potential exposure. Our attorneys then make recommendations to liability insurers or to the self-insured as to best resolution for the case. Litigation or negotiation could both be viable alternatives, since our attorneys are skillful in the pursuit of either option.